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Here at Outlaw Gundogs it is pretty obvious that we take the care and welfare of our dogs very seriously.  We scrimped, saved, and busted our butts to build it, and we take great pride in our kennel facility.  We and our clients, have a significant amount of time, money and emotional investment in our dogs, and would never take the position of "good enough" for their nutrition, healthcare, well-being, and certainly not their lodging and accommodations.


So, we thought we'd share an overview with you.


We operate out of a state of the art multi run indoor/outdoor kennel facility.  It is climate controlled with overhead radiant heat, as it warms the walls and floors for ultra comfort in the winter months. Then a cold air system for keeping things cool and comfortable in the summer.  In either season, fresh air is exchanged and brought in non-stop by a ducted ceiling circulation fan.  Along with extra thick 8" wall and blown in foam ceiling insulation, there are no worries of temperature inefficiencies.


Every run has an automatic watering system to supply non-stop fresh on demand water.  The Kennel is housed in an 1800 square ft. building located adjacent to our personal home, and is monitored by an intercom system connected to the house.  With a 1 1/2 acre fenced exercise area attached to the kennel, daily morning, afternoon and evening runs are enjoyed by all the dogs.  


In addition to normal training times.  All the indoor runs have sloped floors leading to a floor drain system.  All runs are attended to with a 1500 psi 220 degree hotsy pressure washer for the highest levels of sanitation before daily chemical disinfecting.  The facility is designed with a breeding run/whelping room, puppy pen.  A full stainless kitchen area with commercial counters and sink, as well as a refrigerator (cleaning kennels does require cold soda and beer ya know) and a separate hot water heater are installed.  


The highest grade specially formulated pro breeder program food from the laboratories of Royal Canin is stored high and dry on shelving ready to be fed in sanitized stainless bowls.  As a full fluorescent lighting system allows us a clear view anytime.


Now you can see why we think our kennel is pretty special.  You should know that even as nice as the kennel is to stay in, every dog still comes into the house with our family.  We cycle all the dogs in groups so every one of them still gets quality indoor overnight lounging and play time with the family in our home.  ALL of our dogs are indeed true family companion gundogs.  Ya we know, we've heard it before...our dogs are spoiled !!


Our Kennel--Many more photos coming soon...










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