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Hello, we are John, Annette and Zane Hart and we raise, train, and compete high quality German Shorthair Pointers.  We are a small, family run Kennel in Parker Colorado, and have spent years researching and acquiring some of the finest Shorthairs on the planet.  Our dogs are family companion gundogs in the truest sense.  They run trials all year round, and are hunted profusely in KS, NE, SD, IA, AZ, WY, & MT during season.  Our dogs are also used as guide dogs on numerous local hunting preserves.  We are members and participate in the following organizations: AKC Hunt tests and walking trials, N.A.G.D.A….N.B.D.C.A….N.A.V.H.D.A….& N.S.T.R.A.


Our dogs are true versatile hunting dogs…they are calm, obedient family members…and when put down on the ground or in the blind can perform with the best of the best.  We pride ourselves on producing natural, easily trained and handled, high quality, family companion brag dogs.  If your looking for your once in a lifetime dog to complete your romance of the hunt and create exciting field memories, and a true family companion to fill your evenings by the couch and fire and days in the field with unending loyalty, then we might just have what your looking for.  Give us a shout and you might just join the growing number of folks experiencing the difference an “Outlaw Gundog” makes!!


If you’d like to hunt behind our dogs or see them in action check the schedules for tests and trial dates or contact us for guide service on several local Colorado preserves…we’d love to have you and your family experience our dogs first hand!!  Thanks for coming to our site, please kick back, relax and enjoy yourself….because the idea of owning a gun dog is to make the most of your quality time and to have fun!!!





GSP's are great family dogs too!

Happy Hunting!!
Outlaw's Abra-Ca-Dabra "Abbey" is pictured centered
(photo by Dennis Olive)
The Mission of Outlaw Gundogs:
Outlaw Gundogs strives to produce the best German Shorthair Pointer family companion gun dog and trial dog possible.  We achieve this by line breeding and planning litters through careful thought and foresight, creating lines specific to purpose.  We will never breed anything that does not improve upon the German Shorthair Pointer breed, and would not produce a litter where we would not keep a pup as our own personal gun dog.
Great dogs do not happen by accident and neither does our breeding.
We know what we create and can match the needs of anybody seeking a quality gun dog.  We have formulated the following as a simple guideline for our program, this is an overview of what we look for in our breeding animals and what we strive to produce.

All the pups produced should be uniform and all should be exceptional in abilities, intelligence and temperament.  Each breeding should be planned, and genetically calculated well in advance. The pups should be bred only from exceptionally calm, easy going, intelligent, easily trained, cooperative, conformationally superior, incredibly nosed, family gundogs. These dogs also just coincidentally might happen to hold local, regional, national, or International awards, placements, championships and titles in competition, testing, and conformation. Always from, first and foremost, real family companions that are real gun dogs. So from a hunting, family companion, or competition standpoint they should all more than satisfy anyone's wants or needs.
John & Annette Hart
John & Annette Hart
Parker, Colorado 80138
*Outlaw Gundogs are trained and handled exclusively by ourselves
or KC Country Kennels--Carl Sax, professional trainer.

We are members of the following organizations:


Outlaw Gundogs and On Point Training Supplies have teamed up and created...

an affiliation to provide you with a better selection and greater availability of some of the finest gundog products available today:
We can custom design for you, or assist you in acquiring both new and used dog trailers, boxes, chassis mounts, toppers, ATV boxes, ATV and Mule trailers, all the way to enclosed Air conditioned pro rigs. We are confident we can help you in all your canine transportation needs.
From  small economy recreational/hunting use units, to huge enclosed heated and air conditioned pro rigs with ATV and horse storage.  We are offering the largest selection from the industries oldest and most trusted names. We can match your needs with a completely custom trailer, dog box, or chassis mount/topper.  Simply contact us with your needs and we'll custom draw and design, locate, order or facilitate and assist you with a free quote on any new or used products you might have interest in. 

Outlaw gundogs can help you custom design your dog trailer.  Simply contact us with your needs and we will draw up a design and provide you with a free quote. Please Contact: Outlaw Gundogs- John @720-842-5235 or On Point training Supplies- Shawn@ 785-845-1940.


Here's a live shot of our hometown Denver, Colorado!
Let's go hunting!!!

Over 9,000 hunters here since Feb 03'!

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